How far in advance do I need to book you?
We recommend booking at least 6-12 months in advance. Our wedding season (summer-autumn) fills up quickly. We only take a limited amount weddings to ensure our creative energy and time to each couple.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes! All bookings are done entirely online for convenience and security. We accept credit cards and checks. There are NO transaction fees for credit card payments.
What kind of cameras do you use, film or digital?
I LOVE film, but I shoot only digital for professional work and I edit in a 'film' style since I am incredibly picky with color/processing. Regardless of film or digital, the quality of the gear is understandingly important, but at the end of the day, it's not the camera, it's the photographer. I shoot only digital for professional work and I edit everything to achieve the 'film look', with the added flexibility of digital. Ultimately, It comes down to *how* an image was shot; the light, environmental colors, composition, and story/subject mater, not what it was taken with.
Do you have backup equipment?
Of course! I bring at least two backups of everything from cameras, memory cards, to batteries.
Do you have business insurance?
Yes! We have insurance through Hartford and are covered up to 2 million. Most venues will ask for vendors to provide a certificate of insurance and have the venue as additional insured, we are happy to provide that when requested!
Do you retouch your photos?
“Less is more”. We’re more concerned with whats going on “in” the photo that what we can do “to” the photo. We do not airbrush any photos, however we can get rid of those pimples or a pesky trashcan in the background. We edit each culled photo individually to provide consistency - we do not batch edit. Additional or extensive retouching services are available for extra costs.
When will our photos be ready?
You’ll have the online gallery within 4-6 weeks (during a busy wedding season), 3 weeks being average.
How do you store our images and for how long?
We have multiple backup external drives that guard your photos with their life. Along with external hard drives we have back everything up on a Cloud system. So even in cases of fire or theft, your photos will be safe. We’ll keep your images on our hard drives for 1 year after we deliver the USB and/or the gallery. We suggest keeping a copy in a safety deposit box and backing up your files on another device immediately upon arrival. Remember, USBs and discs have a shelf life of 10 years until data becomes corrupted. Your online gallery is live only for one year.
How many black and white photos will we get?
It varies with each wedding and depends if there are more images that look better in b&w or not. On average, approximately 10-20% of the entire body of images will be black and white.
What kind of album do you provide and what are the costs?
All heirloom albums are flush mount (lays flat when opened) with various leather and fabric options. Sizes vary from as small as an 8x8 to as large as an 11x14. Printed on high-quality paper with archival ink. The price depends on amount of pages, cover material, sizes, and extra additions/upgrades. Most couples invest in $1-2.5k for albums. It takes 2-3 weeks to design an album (dependent on the client's speed of feedback) and an additional 4-6 weeks until it’s delivered to you.
Will you be posting about our wedding on your social media sites and submit to wedding magazines and blogs?
Yes, I typically wait until at least a few weeks after the wedding when the clients have reviewed all their photos and begin 'favoriting/hearting' images in their gallery. This helps me narrow down which images to post/share to ensure I use photos the client approves or likes. I do not submit all weddings for publication, but if I do, I ask for permission from my clients if their wedding is accepted.
Do we get the Copyrights or a Print Release for our photos?
Printing rights are released with the purchase of the High-Res files (included in all of our Wedding Collections), which allows printing and usage for personal needs: Printing photos for yourselves or others as gifts, posting it up on your Facebook or instagram, using your images to decorate, sharing/distributing to family + friends, etc. As the creators, we naturally have copyrights to all the images we make. No image may be altered in any manner (besides basic cropping or text) or sold for profit without our explicit consent.
How much time should we set aside for portraits on our wedding day?
Ideally, 45-60 minutes for couple portraits, 20 minutes for wedding party photos, 20 minutes for family photos. I highly recommend adding 10-15 minute cushion time for each segment above. Most weddings will run late and portrait times will be the ones cut in half *first*. So you may think 60 minutes is a long, but in 'wedding day time/reality', it's really more like 30 minutes, or less.
How many photos do you shoot at a wedding, how many do we get to keep?
Each wedding varies and will depend on the level of investment, but we typically deliver 100 edited high res photos for every hour of coverage.
Should the bride and groom see each other before the wedding?
Seeing one another before the ceremony gives the bride and groom a chance to chat, flirt, and take in the moment just between the two of them. We also have the chance to do all your photographs before the ceremony so that you or your guests don’t have to wait around afterwards. We’ll be able to use all natural light and make a relaxed timeline for the day. This keeps everyone involved less stressed and allows the couple to actually enjoy the wedding day.
What should we wear for our engagement session?
Try soft colors, simple patterns, or solid gem colors (greens, reds, etc.). Wear colors that flatters your skin tone. Bring cardigans or jackets in case it gets cold, a few pair of shoes, and one or two extra outfits. Look through your favorite store catalogs, wedding blogs, or magazines for inspiration. And always keep in mind the scenery and setting of your location. An engagement guide packed with tips and advice will be provided for you to look through upon booking!
Do you bring a second shooter to weddings?
For weddings, I always bring a second photographer or at least an assistant (we are a husband and wife team!). For elopements and portrait sessions, I'm the only photographer but I bring an assistant most of the time (it depends on what kind of shoot it is, how many locations, outfit changes there are, etc.)